Wildlife artists and illustrators to hire

Looking for a wildlife artist?

Our wildlife artists are nothing short of stunning! They can create detailed, accurate paintings of any sort of animal, bird and fish. Tigers, crocodiles, beetles, owls, sharks… whatever you need! We can provide digital and traditional art work in a variety of styles from young children’s book to accurate anatomical guides. The Art Agency can help you commission exactly what you want from our artists, whether you’re looking for a wildlife illustrator for your animal guidebook or a portrait of your own wildlife – the family pet!


Horse portrait


Stag beetles in action


Anatomy of an owl

What makes a great illustrator?

The trick to being an illustrator

I used to puzzle over the work of successful illustrators and wonder what are the tricks that have made them so good? I finally saw the answer. No tricks! These artists have refined their drawing skills to such a high level that they make illustration work look easy. Their level of observation and ability to convey reality is simply fantastic. Whatever subject they draw and paint they turn it into a compelling illustration. Have a look at some of their samples and you’ll soon see the value they can add to your projects.

Beaver skeleton

Beaver skeleton by Sandra Doyle

Collie dog

Collie dog by Ian Jackson

German soldier WWI

WWI German soldier by Jean-Michel Girard


Beetles by Dan Cole

Seasonal illustrations

Christmas is fast approaching so we thought it would be festively appropriate to share some seasonal illustrations with you, from a range of our professional and highly experienced illustrators. We can provide snowy animal illustrations, icy Sci-Fi graphic novel art work, cheery children’s book pictures and ho ho ho humorous cartoons!

Seasonal illustrations: Our artists and illustrators always bring something special to the projects they take on. With a wide range of outstanding skills in drawing and painting we are able to offer you a stunning range of styles, mediums and genre. From award-winning and beautiful conventional artwork through to inspiring digital artwork.

Below is a Wintery range of just a few special pieces of artwork our illustrators have created. If you like what you see then please do visit our main website (link above), or simply click here to access our on-line portfolio. Get in touch with your wish-list and we’ll be happy to send you a sockful of appropriate samples to consider for your project.

We hope you enjoy the excellent collection of pictures below and we wish you a very happy, very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

Snow scene illustration, by Diana Catchpole

Snow scene illustration, by Diana Catchpole

Christmas children's book illustration, by Peter Kavanagh

Christmas children’s book illustration, by Peter Kavanagh

Christmas cat and mouse illustration, by Lyn Stone, seasonal illustrations

Christmas cat and mouse illustration, by Lyn Stone

Dr Who graphic novel illustration, by Rob Davis, seasonal illustrations

Dr Who graphic novel illustration, by Rob Davis

Digitally illustration of a deer, by Geri Ford, seasonal illustrations

Digitally illustration of a deer, by Geri Ford

Linocut illustration of a turkey, by Richard Allen, seasonal illustrations

Linocut illustration of a turkey, by Richard Allen

Illustration of ponies in Winter, by  Ian Jackson, seasonal illustrations

Illustration of ponies in Winter, by Ian Jackson

Illustrations of Reindeer, by Sandra Doyle, seasonal illustrations

Illustrations of Reindeer, by Sandra Doyle

Illustration of polar bears, by Fiammetta Dogi, seasonal illustrations

Illustration of polar bears, by Fiammetta Dogi

Digital illustration of penguins, by Mick Posen, seasonal illustrations

Digital illustration of penguins, by Mick Posen

Illustration of a hare, by Peter David Scott , seasonal illustrations

Illustration of a hare, by Peter David Scott

Digital illustration of penguins by Gary Hanna, seasonal illustrations

Digital illustration of penguins by Gary Hanna

Barry Croucher

Barry Croucher wins the silver award in the design category of the latest Association of Illustrators (AOI) competition!

Barry Croucher wins the silver award

The Association of Illustrators (www.theaoi.com) is the leading not for profit trade organisation, promoting contemporary illustration and maintaining industry standards. Now in it’s 36th year, the ‘Images’ book and touring exhibition was launched for the first time at London’s Somerset House in October. Artists from our agency have a strong presence this year with 5 selected entries and Barry Croucher’s Silver Award winning entry in the Design category for ‘Hadrian’s Wall’.

Barry Croucher wins the silver award

Charlie Barr of Studio MB, working for the Vindolander Roman Museum in Northumbria wanted to create a large frieze 12m x 2.5m showing the construction and manning of Hadrian’s Wall, illustrated in the style of the Trajan’s Column carved stone relief. The huge scale of the art work gave Barry many technical problems to solve, which he managed on time, to budget and to award-winning effect!

Barry Croucher

Barry Croucher has been a full time illustrator for more than 18 years, originally working in watercolour, acrylics and airbrush. In the last 10 years he has moved over to digital media to produce a wide variety of scientific and technical illustration. His work ranges from photorealistic to more stylised images.

The other Art Agency artists selected for inclusion in the Images 36 book were:

Barry CroucherBlack Bear by Peter Scott

Barry Croucher
The Nun by Rob Davis

Barry Croucher
Sea Otter by Gary Hanna

Barry Croucher
Desert T-rex by Mick Posen


Peter Scott

Peter Scott and his amazing natural history illustrations has been adorning books for many years. Over thirty of his solo books have been published and he has collaborated on a similar amount. His clients include major publishing houses like Usborne Books, Harper Collins, Time Life, Random House, Athena, Virgin, Disney, BBC, RSPB, Dorling Kindersley, and many other companies. His work has also been used in advertising and television. A very busy man indeed!

Peter Scott has recently completed several books for innovative publishers Templar, including two large format hardbacks, each with twenty two large watercolour paintings and pencil drawings.

Peter was commissioned last year by QED to illustrate four books for a new series called Animal Diaries. Written by Steve Parker they portray the lives of young animals in a lively, fun style. He mixes engaging expressions with realism to great effect, bringing out the character and charm of the animals and the excitement of their adventures. The results are great fun and fantastic!

This lengthy project needed disciplined organisation to deliver the work smoothly and on time. Peter had no problem providing QED with the professional efficiency of a talented and very experienced illustrator. The success of the series has led to the commissioning of another four books, which is wonderful news! Keep it up, Peter!

If you are interested to see more of Peter’s wonderful animal illustrations and other natural history artwork, please visit our main website here or take a look at Peter’s wonderful and informative on-line portfolio.

Here are a selection of illustrations by Peter:

Peter Scott

Tiger illustration


Peter Scott

Animal illustration


Peter Scott

Shark illustration


Peter Scott

Illustration of T-Rex


Peter Scott

Illustration of a T-Rex


Peter Scott

Spider illustration


Peter Scott

Illustration of elephants


Peter Scott

Natural history illustrations


Hobbledown, is a fantastic new adventure park and farm, which has opened this summer in Epsom. Our illustrator, Lyn Stone was chosen to help create the story and image of the site.

The park’s theme is based on a story written by Angela Hulber and illustrated by Lyn, who did the cover and over thirty-two pencil illustrations. Crucial to the project was the creation of the main characters and their homes and Lyn’s imagination and humour has proved invaluable to the Hobbledown team. Lyn also created a range of animal and character silhouettes with Adobe Illustrator. The silhouettes are part of the park’s main identity and feature with the logo, website and on site signage.

Lyn was recently invited to their grand opening and alongside the author signed over two hundred and fifty books on a very hot day! Between creating sketches in books and holding babies for the photographer, she had a great day!

Lyn’s highly detailed illustrations have been created using soft graphite pencils. She very much enjoy’s and thrives on projects that allow her to really use her imagination, creating worlds and creatures that compliment and enhance great stories.

It doesn’t end here for Lyn either, as there are plans for a further four or five books in all!

If you would like to see more samples of Lyn’s work on this project, visit the agency’s main site, by just clicking here!

Hobblers stuck in Glime, Hobbledown

Hobblers stuck in Glime, illustration from the book.

The grisly Rumpletump monster

The grisly Rumpletump monster, illustration from Hobbledown

Hobbledown signage

Hobbledown signage, using Lyn Stone’s artwork

Hobbledown bespoke signage

Hobbledown bespoke signage, using Lyn Stone’s artwork

Hobbledown book signing

Lyn Stone signing books at the grand opening


Welcome to our brand new blog! Over the coming weeks, months, years, we’ll share with you work from some of the finest illustrators in the universe. As we know it, Jim. Artwork in progress, completed pieces, new styles, and new samples!

Welcome: Today we thought we would share some of our artists work with you, just to give you some idea of the range of styles available.

There are digital illustrators, fantasy illustrators and picture book illustrators. We also have great character illustrators, 3d illustrators and much more. Every artist is professional and reliable as well as talented and remarkable!

So without delay here is a small selection of work by some of our artists. We will over the coming weeks be sharing artwork with you of all our artists:


Space illustration by Mark Garlick


Children's book illustration, Diana Catchpole, Welcome

Children’s book illustration, by Diana Catchpole



Animal illustration, by Ian Jackson


Historical Illustration, welcome

Historical illustration, by Claudia Saraceni



Shark, by Peter Scott

If you would like to see more, please visit our on-line portfolio and official website right here! If you would like to contact us straight away, please click on our contact button in the above menu and complete our simple contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!