Information graphic art

If you commission information graphics make sure you check out this new page on our web site. View a stunning portfolio of recent work from our non-fiction artists. We can supply cutaways and explanative diagrams in a variety of styles to convey the information you want with clarity and class! Get in touch today and ask for free samples for your project.Hi-tech house cutaway How to catch waterRobbery diagram Roadsweeper cutaway

What makes a great illustrator?

The trick to being an illustrator

I used to puzzle over the work of successful illustrators and wonder what are the tricks that have made them so good? I finally saw the answer. No tricks! These artists have refined their drawing skills to such a high level that they make illustration work look easy. Their level of observation and ability to convey reality is simply fantastic. Whatever subject they draw and paint they turn it into a compelling illustration. Have a look at some of their samples and you’ll soon see the value they can add to your projects.

Beaver skeleton

Beaver skeleton by Sandra Doyle

Collie dog

Collie dog by Ian Jackson

German soldier WWI

WWI German soldier by Jean-Michel Girard


Beetles by Dan Cole