Christmas illustrations for your Festive projects

Yes it’s that festive time of year again! Get in touch if you need some Christmas illustrations. Maybe for your Christmas card or a present for your loved one. Art Agency artists can work with nearly every subject and Christmas is no exception.

Christmas illustrations Carols

Carol singers, by Peter Kavanagh

Christmas illustrations cat

Christmas cat and mouse illustration, by Lyn Stone

Christmas illustrations turkey

Illustration of a Turkey, by Richard Allen

Christmas illustrations snow

Snow scene illustration, by Diana Catchpole

Christmas illustrations reindeer

Illustration of Reindeer by Sandra Doyle

What makes a great illustrator?

The trick to being an illustrator

I used to puzzle over the work of successful illustrators and wonder what are the tricks that have made them so good? I finally saw the answer. No tricks! These artists have refined their drawing skills to such a high level that they make illustration work look easy. Their level of observation and ability to convey reality is simply fantastic. Whatever subject they draw and paint they turn it into a compelling illustration. Have a look at some of their samples and you’ll soon see the value they can add to your projects.

Beaver skeleton

Beaver skeleton by Sandra Doyle

Collie dog

Collie dog by Ian Jackson

German soldier WWI

WWI German soldier by Jean-Michel Girard


Beetles by Dan Cole

Barry Croucher

Barry Croucher wins the silver award in the design category of the latest Association of Illustrators (AOI) competition!

Barry Croucher wins the silver award

The Association of Illustrators ( is the leading not for profit trade organisation, promoting contemporary illustration and maintaining industry standards. Now in it’s 36th year, the ‘Images’ book and touring exhibition was launched for the first time at London’s Somerset House in October. Artists from our agency have a strong presence this year with 5 selected entries and Barry Croucher’s Silver Award winning entry in the Design category for ‘Hadrian’s Wall’.

Barry Croucher wins the silver award

Charlie Barr of Studio MB, working for the Vindolander Roman Museum in Northumbria wanted to create a large frieze 12m x 2.5m showing the construction and manning of Hadrian’s Wall, illustrated in the style of the Trajan’s Column carved stone relief. The huge scale of the art work gave Barry many technical problems to solve, which he managed on time, to budget and to award-winning effect!

Barry Croucher

Barry Croucher has been a full time illustrator for more than 18 years, originally working in watercolour, acrylics and airbrush. In the last 10 years he has moved over to digital media to produce a wide variety of scientific and technical illustration. His work ranges from photorealistic to more stylised images.

The other Art Agency artists selected for inclusion in the Images 36 book were:

Barry CroucherBlack Bear by Peter Scott

Barry Croucher
The Nun by Rob Davis

Barry Croucher
Sea Otter by Gary Hanna

Barry Croucher
Desert T-rex by Mick Posen


Tom Connell

Tom Connell worked on a very successful commission for Parragon. The project was Gold Stars, key stage two books for schools on Science and English. The books were published in 2009 and have proved very popular.

Tom Connell completed 297 spot illustrations covering every subject imaginable in just one month! Quite a marathon for him. At the end Tom, said “Here are the last few! My God, I’ve finished them! I’m in hiding until Monday now.”

Tom has recently illustrated a new series in the same style for QED called Art Smart published in August 2012. These feature a number of step-by-step spreads showing children how to create art works. Lauren Taylor the editor, said “You’re an absolute star, Tom. Thank you.” The success of this project for Tom means that QED plan to continue the series with him. Good luck, Tom!

Here are a selection of the spot illustrations completed for QED. All these images have been created using Adobe Illustrator. If you would like to see more work by Tom, please visit our main website right here! Or click on the link in the menu above.

Tom Connell


Tom Connell

Spot illustrations by Tom Connell


Tom Connell


Tom Connell


Tom Connell