Graphic novel illustrator

Our graphic novel illustrator Rob Davis has a new comic book out and it looks fantastic! The Motherless Oven is selling well and follows on from Rob’s impressive adaptation of Cervantes’ Don Quixote, also for the publisher SelfMadeHero. Rob is a stylish story-teller who uses the form of the comic to great effect. His drawing skills are exceptional and his figures and characters are alive with gesture and expression.

Graphic novel cover

The Motherless Oven

Rob Davis comic

It’s knife o’clock

Rob Davis drawing

Tissues inside

Rob Davis comic

My Legs


Welcome to our brand new blog! Over the coming weeks, months, years, we’ll share with you work from some of the finest illustrators in the universe. As we know it, Jim. Artwork in progress, completed pieces, new styles, and new samples!

Welcome: Today we thought we would share some of our artists work with you, just to give you some idea of the range of styles available.

There are digital illustrators, fantasy illustrators and picture book illustrators. We also have great character illustrators, 3d illustrators and much more. Every artist is professional and reliable as well as talented and remarkable!

So without delay here is a small selection of work by some of our artists. We will over the coming weeks be sharing artwork with you of all our artists:


Space illustration by Mark Garlick


Children's book illustration, Diana Catchpole, Welcome

Children’s book illustration, by Diana Catchpole



Animal illustration, by Ian Jackson


Historical Illustration, welcome

Historical illustration, by Claudia Saraceni



Shark, by Peter Scott

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