Information graphic art

If you commission information graphics make sure you check out this new page on our web site. View a stunning portfolio of recent work from our non-fiction artists. We can supply cutaways and explanative diagrams in a variety of styles to convey the information you want with clarity and class! Get in touch today and ask for free samples for your project.Hi-tech house cutaway How to catch waterRobbery diagram Roadsweeper cutaway

Wildlife artists and illustrators to hire

Looking for a wildlife artist?

Our wildlife artists are nothing short of stunning! They can create detailed, accurate paintings of any sort of animal, bird and fish. Tigers, crocodiles, beetles, owls, sharks… whatever you need! We can provide digital and traditional art work in a variety of styles from young children’s book to accurate anatomical guides. The Art Agency can help you commission exactly what you want from our artists, whether you’re looking for a wildlife illustrator for your animal guidebook or a portrait of your own wildlife – the family pet!


Horse portrait


Stag beetles in action


Anatomy of an owl


Welcome to our brand new blog! Over the coming weeks, months, years, we’ll share with you work from some of the finest illustrators in the universe. As we know it, Jim. Artwork in progress, completed pieces, new styles, and new samples!

Welcome: Today we thought we would share some of our artists work with you, just to give you some idea of the range of styles available.

There are digital illustrators, fantasy illustrators and picture book illustrators. We also have great character illustrators, 3d illustrators and much more. Every artist is professional and reliable as well as talented and remarkable!

So without delay here is a small selection of work by some of our artists. We will over the coming weeks be sharing artwork with you of all our artists:


Space illustration by Mark Garlick


Children's book illustration, Diana Catchpole, Welcome

Children’s book illustration, by Diana Catchpole



Animal illustration, by Ian Jackson


Historical Illustration, welcome

Historical illustration, by Claudia Saraceni



Shark, by Peter Scott

If you would like to see more, please visit our on-line portfolio and official website right here! If you would like to contact us straight away, please click on our contact button in the above menu and complete our simple contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!